Posted on January 14, 2015 by Parfumerie Nasreen

Each fragrance tells a story. It gives you a feeling, an emotion, a memory. Each perfume bottle plays a role as well. Some are intricately designed, some are painted. Some bottles have so much detail, you wonder how long it took to finish.

I say, the bottle is half the fun of your fragrance:) Think about it, you’re usually attracted to the bottle before you start smelling! Some people dedicate their perfume collections to the bottles, and some people keep their bottles for display long after the fragrance has been used up. Others keep bottles for nostalgic purposes. 

Bottles, sometimes, are what help you remember the fragrance, and what helps the sales force(like us) when you cannot remember the smell or the name.

Sometimes the bottle tells a story, as with lines like The House of Sillage or Bond No.9. Sometimes the bottle represents the inspiration for the creator.

Each Wednesday, we dedicate our main post to quite a few bottles we’ve discovered that have blown our minds, whether by being odd, fascinating or beautiful pieces of artwork.

Even without being collector pieces, perfume bottles can be eye catching. Some are made simplistically, with more of a focus on the fragrance itself, and some collections have a style true to their name, such as the Robert Piguet colletion, famous for their tall, black bottles. 

Lalique was the main company that started the trend of having perfume come in attractive bottles. Rene Lalique, getting his start in the world of jewelry, began working with Francois Coty to develop beautiful vessels for perfume, a revolutionary concept at the time. Perfume came in ordinary glass vials, and one would need to purchase a separate ornate and expensive bottle to decant their fragrance in if they wanted it stored in a more attractive setting. Lalique also had a stroke of genius when designing a manufacturing process whereby these new, intricate, beautiful bottles could be mass produced…..reducing costs and making them more affordable and easily available.

The House of Lalique is now one of the leading perfume houses with annual limited edition collector pieces within their fragrance collections. Other houses include The House of Sillage, Amouage, Bond No.9 and many more.

Just another part of the infinite fragrance journey we are all on!


Written by Valleri Ortiz.