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Rewriting an old story

It is time to replace an obsolete genre that is all about vanity, with a modern story about authentic craftsmanship, creative freedom, and honest value.

An original collection created without boundaries.


For decades we have been sold on smoke and mirrors, to cover up how little money it takes to make a product that costs so much. It is time to clear the smoke. We stripped away everything. No fake moods. No models and celebrities. Not someone else's travel tales. No showy brand names that nobody can see anyway. No nonsense. Just the finest eco-sustainable and ethically sourced raw materials.

Born to be free

Perfumers work to strict briefs, trying to recreate a vision dictated by consumer trends using the cheapest possible ingredients. We think it's time freedom came back into fashion. We binned the consumer trends reports and offered the most exciting perfumers in the world total creative control. No briefs. No budgets. No consumer trends to follow. No market segments to please.

Fair price

When you buy a high-end luxury fragrance, you are paying for everything but the fragrance. You deserve better. We put your money inside our bottles so that your money goes into what matters most. Clean, eco-sustainable, and ethically sourced ingredients that go onto your skin.

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        $6.00 - $110.00
          $6.00 - $110.00
            $6.00 - $110.00