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Chinotto Plant

Chinotto is a citrus plant that comes from China, but finds its ideal home in Savona, Italy, a coastal region not easily accessible. Given the delicate and fragile nature of the plant, it has some very positive attributes. Chinotto is considered to be a precious amulet that provides strength and vigor. If it is true that Chinotto is too bitter to be consumed naturally, it is equally true that it can be transformed into intoxicating pleasure of her perfume and cosmetics.

Reviving Chinotto

The Chinotto is a real cult phenomenon, protected and pampered like a star, it has again received great enthusiasm and interest, from the millennials to the mature audience. The fan base has increased to the point that, several Chinotto clubs were born. Italians being proud and passionate of their vintage culture and origins have come to appreciate the star like qualities of the Chinotto plant.

Chinotto as a fragrance

From this great passion comes the idea of ​​capturing the scent with all the facets of this extraordinary citrus fruit. Abaton wanted to remember his city by creating three unique fragrances that enhance Chinotto's olfactory notes and the style of the wearer.