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The Brand

Amouage fragrances from Oman, country in the Middle East, have reflected the wonderful heritage and mastery of perfume creation for 35 years. An international, luxury, fragrance brand, Amouage is devoted to developing finely blended perfumes with only the highest quality of rare and luxurious ingredients, sourced from around the world.

Renaud Salmon

Adopting an artistic approach to create an original and evocatively fragrant experience, Amouage perfumes are created by internationally recognized perfumers in Grasse, the South of France, under the guidance of Amouage’s new Creative Director, Renaud Salmon (2020).


“It is an honour for me to join Amouage, especially at this pivotal moment in its history. For nearly 40 years, people have been passionate about the house, its products and exceptional quality and its commitment to creative freedom. As the fragrance world has become more crowded, we will reinforce the duality that makes Amouage unique: a brand born in Oman with the dream to restore the great art of perfumery in the region, infused with cutting-edge international creativity.” – Renaud Salmon

Amouage Devotees

Arresting and alluring, the various collections of Amouage are synonymous with a lifestyle sought by only the most discerning of international patrons. The brand appeals to sophisticated, confident and well-traveled consumers who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd by wearing something special, unusual and different, and who appreciate true mastery in perfume creation along with the highest quality in everything the brand provides. Those people are among the ever-growing number of devotees of Amouage.

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