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Our Roots

Founded in 1752 in Newport, Rhode Island, Caswell-Massey is America’s original apothecary and perfumery, long considered one of the foremost purveyors of scent and luxury. Stewards of the brand such as Dr. Hunter, John Rose Caswell, William Massey and Ralph Taylor shared a passion and a talent for perfumery and customer service - still hallmarks of the brand today.  Our treasured archives contain original formulas for many of our signature and bespoke perfumes, including our enchanting Beatrix. Our ongoing commitment to unique fragrance experiences has also yielded iconic American scents such as our Number Six, Jockey Club, and Newport 

Twentieth Century Masters

During the Twentieth Century, Caswell-Massey established its reputation as a leading perfumer by creating exclusive scents for celebrity customers, especially those willing to pay for something bespoke.  We count Jaqueline Onassis, JFK, Cole Porter, Lauren Bacall and the Rolling Stones among our fans. Many of the fragrances offered by Caswell-Massey today are rooted in these bespoke fragrances, and many more exist in our famed archives as starting points for new fragrances we have yet to introduce to the public.

Our Future

We're so very proud to offer a new Caswell-Massey experience, as we approach nearly three centuries of being an American Original, we plan to bring out the best from our archives, strengthen our community of loyal customers, and create incredible new products and collaborations worthy of a legendary American brand.

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