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Culti Milano

CULTI MILANO was born from an intuition of Alessandro Agrati's eclectic mind: the perception, surprisingly clear for the time, that even space and objects could have a perfume, which could be surrounded by olfactory quality, as well as beautiful things in environments pleasant. It was 1988 when Agrati started this personal search for the trait-d'union between the world of design and the world of the senses, destined to revolutionize the very way of living spaces and objects.


The perfume is of the person, not of the house. Very personal, therefore original. ” Original, like its conception of essences. Original, like the wicker diffuser invented in 1990. Original, like everyone's personality. Refined fragrances that can be mixed in a very personal way, while remaining extremely delicate. Not imitable.


"We are Italian, a country rich in unparalleled raw materials, which must be felt." Nature offers inspiration, creating wonders with few ingredients. Extraordinarily simple fragrances, in which a main ingredient of high quality is recognized, accompanied by a few others that enhance or soften it.


"An object can be perfumed as well as beautiful, stimulating the senses." The extreme simplicity and elegance of the fragrances is also found in the bottles and bottles from the historic shape of the milk containers. Emblematic objects that combine the world of design with that of the senses.


"Culture of the Environment means creating spaces for the person, the person, where objects and senses meet." Caring for the environment, for the link between space and the senses, acquires greater significance than Dynamo Camp. A specially structured Recreational Therapy field where children with serious illnesses become children again. A place dressed in joy, where they can play and the real cure is laughter and medicine is joy. Buying an ambient perfume, CULTI MILANO, will help a child spend a week at Dynamo Camp.