Muguet du Bonheur

Muguet du Bonheur

 On May 1, King Charles IX of France received a lily of the valley as a lucky charm. he decided to offer a lily of the valley each year to the ladies of the court .At the beginning of the 20th century, it became custom to give a sprig of lily of the valley on May 1st, a symbol of springtime and happiness. This custom continues in present day, and with that Caron launched Muguet du Bonheur in reference to the French tradition.

Top: Lilac

Heart: Lily of the valley, jasmine, magnolia, pear

Base: Heliotrope, Musk

1.7 OZ / 50ml

Eau de Parfum

Tags: floral, women

Type: Eau de Parfum

Vendor: Caron

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