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Tiger's Nest


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Tiger’s Nest is a spicy, Amber, warm scent created for Men and Women in 2018 by perfumer Alienor Massenet.


This scent begins rich and spicy, intoxicating the senses, but slowly mellows into a warm Amber with its sweeter nuances gently coming through. It reminds you of walking into a ‘New Age’ store and being enveloped by Incense, the wooden trinkets, and freshly dyed fabrics. It brings on a unique sense of peace, like you would expect to find on your trek through the mountains of Bhutan. It is not quite suitable for the workplace, but will work well in evening settings when the chill in the air makes you want to be close to someone. It is very suitable for the Fall and Winter, and will last.  Its scent profile is in the same vein as scents like Amouage Library Collection Opus VI(2012), Ramon Monegal Ambra di Luna, and Asgharali Samia Tul Oud.


Tiger’s Nest is the wild song of the mountains of Bhutan. Thick clouds cover the Tiger’s Nest Monastery where the monks meditate within the caves.


A cloud of spices burst forth first with a blend of Saffron, Osmanthus, and Papyrus. Incense adds a delicate smokiness that fuses with the slightly sharp, slightly green nuance of Absinthe Oil and a hint of Lime that add an earthy quality. Amber begins to make itself known, at first lifted by the spices, then mellowed gently with Rose, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla. Tolu Balsam rounds out the base of this scent with its resinous essence, keeping everything warm and lasting.

Fragrance Notes: Oil of Absinthe, Amber, Incense Absolute, Lime, Saffron, Osmanthus, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Papyrus, Vanilla, Balsam of Tolu
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  • Aldehydes
  • Amber
  • fresh-earthy
  • Incense absolute
  • Lime
  • Oil of absinthe
  • oriental-amber
  • oriental-fresh
  • osmanthus
  • papyrus
  • Rose
  • saffron
  • Tolu Balsam
  • Vanilla
  • Ylang Ylang