Un Air de Damas Jasmin

Un Air de Damas Jasmin

Jasmine is, along with the Rose, one of the two undisputed queens of perfumery flowers.

Damascus is the quintessential city of Jasmine, where it grows riotously over every house and in every garden.

It is only natural that Dorin should turn to Jasmine Baladi and choose to honour it in its Air de Damas- so enjoy thejasmine through its bergamot bouquet and musky and woody dry note.


Top Notes: Bergamot

Heart Notes: Jasmine Baladi

Base Notes: Musk


2.7oz / 80ml Want to try it first? Un Air de Damas Jasmin Sample

Eau de Parfum

Tags: floral, musk, women

Type: Eau de Parfum

Vendor: Dorin

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