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Shilpa, your shop is well stocked for us to choose from a wide spectrum of fragrances from all over the globe. Thank you for helping me and my wife choose the right fragrance. Read your blog on yoga and the information you provided there is quite useful as I regularly practice yoga.

Satish P.
25 August, 2019

Shilpa was incredibly helpful and patient. She worked with us to find scents that weren't too strong and based on our reactions knew where to go next. Many of the scents are niche making the selection more fun.

Codey O.
09 September, 2018

Went to Parfumerie Nasreen yesterday, wonderful experience! Most importantly got to try: "Amouage, Reflection Man" -Would highly recommend!

Richard P.
13 August, 2018

When I came to Parfumerie Nasreen I had a really good experience. I came knowing that I was planning to spend a good amount of money and that I wanted to take my time and pick the right scent.

Dorotea L.
28 July, 2017

Seems weird, doesn't it? A guy like me reviewing a perfumerie. But even members of the unwashed (literally) like myself prefer to smell pretty sometimes. And Parfumerie Nasreen helped me get there.

Don B.
29 May, 2013