About Us

Parfumerie Nasreen is a beautiful jewelbox boutique located in the heart of downtown Seattle.  With over 30 years of experience, perfume maven Nasreen Rehmat brings passion, exemplary service and her trademark vivaciousness to each customer.  Parfumerie Nasreen has been in the lobby of the legendary Alexis Hotel for 30 years and boasts a carefully curated collection of rare scents and fragrances from around the world.
Parfumerie Nasreen carries truly niche fragrance houses as well as an impressive selection of rare, vintage classics.  Along with an unrivaled scent collection, Nasreen and her hand-picked fragrance specialists offer truly exceptional, personalized customer service-we know one of your finest shopping experiences will take place with us, whether online, in-person or over the phone.
Nasreen is one of the world's foremost authorities on scent.  She is well-known and widely regarded for her gift of being able to select a customer's perfect scent.  Nasreen's extensive fragrance knowledge, combined with her dedication to customer service ensure her customers will receive a memorable and wonderful experience. 
We offer exquisite complimentary gift-wrapping, free fragrance consultations and recommendations, generous sampling and free ground shipping anywhere in the United States. 
It is our passion for fragrance, our outstanding customer service and our vast scent selection that distinguishes Parfumerie Nasreen from anywhere else in the world.
Parfumerie Nasreen store Parfumerie Nasreen store Parfumerie Nasreen store

Parfumerie Nasreen - 1005 1st Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98104 - (888) 286-1825 or (206) 623-9109

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