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About Us


Parfumerie Nasreen is a beautiful jewel box boutique located in the legendary Royal Sonesta Alexis Hotel in downtown Seattle. With over 36 years of experience, we bring passion, exemplary service and personalization to each customer.

We carry a collection of rare fragrances from Europe, Middle East and UK Houses as well as an impressive selection of rare and vintage classics from around the world. We are one of the world’s foremost authorities on fragrances. We offer our customers the unique experience of understanding what a fragrance is and how it energizes one’s feelings. Our fragrance specialists are dedicated in offering the customer a personalized touch to ensure the entire experience will be memorable and will be cherished over time.

“Parfumerie Nasreen is where your scentsational journey begins!”

Our Story

This niche boutique was founded in November 1985 by Nasreen, hence the name Parfumeire Nasreen which has become a landmark over time in downtown Seattle and is located inside the Alexis Hotel.

Our inspiration begins with the needs of the client by understanding what inspires them, what they are looking for in a fragrance then taking them on a fragrance journey to find them their signature scent.

A fragrance is more than essential oils and solvents blended. Fragrances can bring about feelings of warmth and desires along with triggering memories that can only be experienced by you. I am here to assist you on that journey. I have a passion for creativity and my love for fragrances has led me to create my own private label of Attars.

My happiness comes from knowing that each day when my client dabs that bit of perfume on their skin it puts a smile on their face!


Favorite Manufacturer: Tiziana Terenzi