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a. Attar – 100% pure oil blend with only traces of alcohol used in distillation of the oil.

b. Extract/solid perfume – 20-30%

c. Perfume – 15-25 %

d. Eau de Parfum (EDP) – 8-15%

e. Eau de Toilette (EDT) – 4-8%

f. Cologne (EDC) – 2-4%

g. After Shave – 2-4%

h. Soap – 2-4%

i. Body cream/lotion – 3-4%

j. Perfumed candle – 10%

Perfumes are made in batches. Out of the many batches that the company makes there is a possibility that this batch could smell a little different. Reason being there are natural ingredients used that could vary in smell based on the time of the year they are harvested.

Long term usage could also affect the sense of smell. A person gets so used to the smell, having worn it before and stops smelling it anymore. Because your brain becomes used to the smell, you gradually stop noticing that aroma. If you take a break and use a different fragrance for a few days, it will clean your nose palate and you will start smelling it again.

Temperature that a fragrance is stored in could also make a difference in how these smells could change. Heat affects them as it breaks down the chemical bonds that give a perfume its scent. Even lower heat over the long term breaks down perfume. This could be one of the reasons why a perfume could smell a little different.

Color of the bottle also influences the fragrance. Generally, the darker the bottle, the better a perfume will keep. If a perfume or essential-oil blend is stored in an amber-colored bottle, rather than a clear glass one, that will help keep the oil blend from light and thus will preserve the perfume for longer.

Storage of the bottle is another cause as to why a perfume could smell different. A lot of people store their perfume in the bathroom, where it is used most often and accessible. Sadly, excessive humidity can break the particles down in perfume, and when the bath or shower turns on, steam fills the enclosed space, which can damage the perfume. Storing perfume in the bathroom is only acceptable if there is a cabinet or corner safe from steam. When in doubt, find a space in a dry room, like the bedroom, for storage.

Scents created with the celebrity’s name on it. Sometimes the celebrities are involved and sometimes not – they are still scents!

Generally speaking, designer fragrances are sold branded and sold by fashion designer brands