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All About Roses!

All About Roses!

All About Roses!

It’s currently peak Rose season, and Roses are on our minds!

Roses have long been a symbol of beauty, love, and romance.

The Romans used Rose Petals as decoration, to carpet their floors, to scent their baths, and even to eat. 

It is thought that the Chinese were the first to cultivate Roses around 500 BC, but there is clear evidence that many cultures were using Roses to make Rose Water, Rose Oil and for different medical purposes. 

Fossil evidence shows that Roses have been around for millions of years and are found all over the world today, with over 30,000 varieties known.

In most cities, some sort of Rose festival will take place in the month of June, the time of year when Roses are at peak bloom.

Though commonly found to be velvety, or petally, and slightly powdery, Roses can come in a variety of aromas from citrusy to musky to fruity to resinous and tea-like.

The types of Roses most commonly found in fragrances are the Bulgarian Rose, or Damascena Rose, the Turkish Rose, and the Centifolia Rose, also called Rose de Mai.

With cross breeding creating many hybrid Roses, many Roses can essentially be scentless as well.

Bulgarian Rose is a variety of the Damascena, or Damask, Rose family. This Rose is grown in the Rose Valley of Bulgaria, near the Balkan Mountains and boasts a fresh, slightly spicy, scent. The Bulgarian Rose is said to be the most precious, with about 10,000 pounds of petals needed to produce 1 pound of oil.

The Centifolia Rose, also called Rose de Mai, grows in the South of France in Grasse. It gets its name from the time of year it blooms and is harvested - May to June - and produces a spicy, honeyed aroma.

The Turkish Rose is grown in Turkey in the Isparta region, known as “The CIty of Roses”. It boasts a rich and warm aroma. 

There is also the Tea Rose, originally from China. It gets its name from its aroma, which is said to be similar to the scent of Tea brewing.

Rose Oxide is a chemical compound found in Roses that can be extracted and used to create a metallic aroma. 

Rose Absolute is an extract of Rose that is more pure and creates a deeper, sweeter aroma.

Seattle is home to the International Rose Test Garden where over 600 varieties of Roses can be found across over 10,000 individual Rose bushes.

There are a variety of Rose fragrances, from dark and sultry, to light and fresh, and everything in between. At Parfumerie Nasreen, you can find a large variety of Rose fragrances that range in style from feminine to masculine to unisex.

Ultimate Rose from Christian Provenzano is a lush and warm Rose scent with a creamy, slightly fruity nuance that blends Rose Centifolia and Bulgarian Rose with Amber, Vanilla, and fruits.

Delox from Tiziana Terenzi is a warm and spicy Rose scent with a gourmand twist. Turkish Rose and Coffee are blended with Amber and Honey to create a scent that is warm and sultry.

Rosa Dorotea from Giardino Benessere takes the traditional Rose route to create something that is akin to a vintage Rose scent with a modern style. Tea Rose and Red Rose are blended with Green Tea and Cedarwood to create a scent that is reminiscent of being in a Rose garden.

Vain & Naive from Nishane is a Musky Rose scent. Rose is blended with Jasmine and citrus notes, and a base of Musk, Sandalwood, and Amber that create a playful, yet romantic, scent.

Silhouette In Bloom from Christian Siriano is a fresh and light Rose scent. It blends Bulgarian Rose with Pear Leaves, Mandarin and Jasmine notes with a gentle base of Ambrette Seed and Oakmoss to create a scent that is sparkling and energetic.

Metal Flower from The Harmonist is metallic and fresh. Bulgarian Rose and Rose de Mai are blended with Rosoxydes, Aldehydes, and White Musk for a scent that is fresh and slightly Musky.

There are many more Rose scents available at Parfumerie Nasreen in Seattle……too many to list here. Stop by, or reach out, and try them all!!

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