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Fragrance Tips And Tricks

Fragrance Tips And Tricks

Fragrance Tips And Tricks

We all want to get the most out of our fragrance and our experience with it. 

Whether you always wear the same scent, you mix things up each day, or are picking your scent based on an occasion, we have some tips and tricks to get the most out of your scent with projection and longevity. 

Apply your fragrance on your pulse points. Pulse points radiate heat, which will help your fragrance continuously radiate from you. The most popular places are the neck and wrists, but you can also apply your fragrance to the back of your knees, your ankles, your inner elbows, and your abdomen.

Fragrance layering will give your fragrance an extra pop, and will help make it last longer. A good regime will include a body wash and lotion or cream. It’s a good idea to start with the matching body products, but as you grow to learn the scent profiles you love, you can mix and match scents to make your own unique fragrance.

Be careful when spraying fragrance on your hair. Most fragrances contain alcohol, and while safe for use on skin, they can damage the hair and cause dryness. A lot of companies are making hair perfumes that are gentler, alcohol free, and can be applied directly to hair. This is great to refresh your scent by tostling your hair, and a bonus for people who hug you.

Also be careful when spraying perfume on clothing. Some fragrances use oils that can stain or discolor clothing and fabrics.

After applying perfume, do NOT rub your wrists. This will disturb the balance of the dry down, changing the way the fragrance is meant to change on the skin.

WIth a fragrance that comes in a non-spray form, use a Q-tip or cotton ball when applying to skin. Applying with your fingers, or placing your wrist onto the opening and then shaking to apply, will result in your body’s oils being mixed in with the fragrance. This will make your scent’s oils break down faster, making it change and seem to ‘expire’ quicker than it should.

When smelling perfumes in the store, don’t worry if there are no coffee beans provided. It turns out that the coffee beans don’t actually clean out smells, it adds to them! Smelling something neutral, like clean skin or clothing, will work better to ‘cleanse the palette’ to be able to smell more.

When you take your perfume home, make sure to store it properly. A cool dark place, without varying light or temperature changes will help your scent to last longer. In the bedroom is fine, as long as your bottle is not in direct sunlight. In the closet or a cupboard is the best place. 

Your mood can change with your scent. Fragrances with citruses, teas, and certain flowers can help to create a sense of energy and boost the mood and create a happy essence. Scents with warmer notes like Amber and/or woods can create a sense of coziness and relaxation, and sometimes release your seductive and flirty side. Choose a scent that fits your mood, or sets your mood, depending on your environment. 

Let us know what tips and tricks work for you!

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