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Scents for Teens

Scents for Teens

Scents for Teens

These days it seems like the passion for fragrances is reaching younger and younger demographics. With social media pushing niche scents into the viewing of younger people, the desire for a good fragrance is like no other. We have personally seen the effects of this change with the arrival of curious minds as young as 10-12.

It almost boggles the mind, but wanting the best of the best goes back to the dawn of time.

Anyone who has delved into the world of niche fragrances, knows that it can get pricey at times. The idea of a teenager owning a bottle of perfume that is hundreds of dollars can make your head spin. But with the extensive knowledge base that comes with living in the niche world of fragrance, we are here to help you help your teens and young adults navigate the terrain, and bring a sense of comfort to the parents.

There is a great selection of niche fragrances that will fit the lifestyle, and budget, of everyone. 

Teens tend to be more active, and fragrances will emanate off the skin with body heat. Plus, being in doors in school, you’ll want something that’s not too intense or ‘loud’. 

Fragrances with clean, citrus, or aquatic notes will work well, as well as subtle flowers and fruits. 

Christian Siriano makes a great selection of fragrances that are mostly feminine. There is an array of soft flowers and citruses that tends to sit closer to the skin and won’t be too much for school or sports.

Tumi has a great selection of fragrances that are mostly masculine. In this collection you will find scents that are fresh and light with gentle wood or Fougere blends, and a couple with hints of sweeter essences. 

Ormonde Jayne is an English fragrance brand with fragrances that are almost all on the clean side. Even the few that have ‘heavier’ essences are still not too intense. This is a niche perfume house that is high end, but still relatively inexpensive and well-made.

These collections are all great choices, and there are many more available at Parfumerie Nasreen.

There are also an array of discovery sets which can range from small samples to larger atomizers that could work well either for travel or having a smaller amount of a fragrance.

At Parfumerie Nasreen, we are always happy to give a consultation to help you find the perfect scent for your young adult, and are happy to help guide them if they come in on their own.

Feel free to reach out, or stop by, any time we can help!

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