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Tea and Perfume

Tea and Perfume

Tea and Perfume

Tea has been around for millenia, and used by many cultures.

It has many health benefits, both internally and externally, and has been used from everything from puffy eyes to tired feet, for skin and hair, detoxes, and so much more.

In fragrances, Tea adds a refreshing element and can create an array of aromas from herbal to grassy to spicy to fresh. It tends to be aromatic, and often falls into the ‘Green’ family. Tea fragrances can be very realistic when compared to the real thing.

Tea scents tend to be popular in the Spring and Summer, but Tea is often associated with colder weather, when it can bring warmth to the body and a calming energy.

Colognise from Nishane is a scent inspired by the Turkish tradition of gifting guests with a Lemon Cologne as a show of hospitality. Green Tea is blended with a fresh burst of Lemon, which slowly gives way to a gentle infusion of Jasmine. Over time, the composition is warmed with grassy Vetiver and warm Musk.

Wulong Cha from Nishane pays homage to Oolong Tea. It has a warm and earthy vibe to it, and recalls the aroma of loose leaf Oolong Tea. While it does have some citrus notes, Fig and Musk keep the composition grounded.

*Wulong Cha X blends more citrus notes into the composition, creating a more refreshing scent. A switch from Oolong to Green Tea adds a gentler Tea element and a more refreshing tone overall.

The Bianco from Giardino Benessere is clean and fresh. It’s like a crisp Summer afternoon. Tea Leaves are blended with Tangerine, Cyclamen, White Lily, and Plum, all keeping things light and gentle. Musk and Sandalwood add a touch of depth, without overwhelming anything.

Qi from Ormonde Jayne begins light and fresh with citruses and soft flowers. Over time it develops into a Tea lover’s dream with ‘Tea Notes’ and Mate Tea blending with Osmanthus and Moss. Myrrh in the base adds depth that keeps things earthy.

Silver Mountain Water from Creed takes a more light and aromatic approach. Green Tea, citrus notes and Blackcurrant Buds are blended with Musk and Sandalwood to create something akin to crisp mountain air, and pays homage to Olivier Creed’s love of Skiing.

Gris Charnel from BDK Parfums is another more aromatic Tea scent with both sweet and warm tones. Black Tea is blended with Cardamom for a slightly spicy essence. Fig adds a velvety sweetness, and Bourbon Vetiver adds a gentle grassy, earthiness. Iris adds a hint of its powdery floral-ness, and Tonka Bean plays well with both the spices and the sweetness.

*The Extrait version has a crisp quality to it, created as a more intense version to its Eau de Parfum original. More concentrated versions of Fig, Tea, Cardamom, and Vetiver are used, and richer elements from Patchouli and Cedarwood add an intensified depth. 

Tea scents can be found in an array of varieties, from light and fresh to more intense and earthy. Discover all of these, and more, in Seattle at Parfumerie Nasreen, or visit our website and we’ll bring the scents to you!

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