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What are Attars?

What are Attars?

What are Attars?

Attar, also known as Ittar, comes from the Persian word ‘Itir’, or the Arabic word ‘Itr’, meaning perfume, scent, or fragrance.

Attars are pure essential oils extracted from botanicals and natural floral and fauna. The oils are traditionally distilled by hydro or steam distillation, into a wood base and then aged for 1-10 years.

There are no alcohols or synthetic chemicals involved and are the purest form of fragrance that can be found. They are typically sold in very small quantities, and can be found in intricate crystal decants.

It is said that a Persian physician, Ibn Al Baitar(1188CE-1248CE), was the first to develop the methods and techniques used to produce Attar oils, but this method of scent has historical findings in many Middle Eastern and Asian countries.

Attars are said to be the world’s earliest form of fragrance, initially used by royalty, the elite, and by aristocrats in high society. They have also been traditionally used in ceremonies, festivals, and different rituals, and were used to help achieve meditative states and attain enlightenment. It is said that Attars were also used to attract angels and ward off evil spirits.

Attars are also highly regarded for their healing properties and have been used in medicines and foods. These pure oils can be used in aromatherapy in the form of diffusers and massage oils, as mood enhancers, and sometimes with pain management using specific applications.

Different floral oils can have cooling effects on the body, while warm oils like Saffron, Amber and Musk can have a warming effect.

At Parfumerie Nasreen, we have our own, exclusive selection of Attars that were created with generational oil masters in India. Whether you are just beginning to explore Attars, or already have a love for them, we have a range of blends waiting to be discovered by you!

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