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What are Gourmand scents...

What are Gourmand scents...

What are Gourmand scents...

Gourmand scents are classified as scents consisting of edible notes such as Honey, Chocolate, Vanilla, Candy, etc.

Gourmand derives from the word ‘Gourmet’, a food descriptor, or ‘Gourmand’, meaning someone who loves food and drink.

Gourmand scents can be combined with woods and/or musks to create a warm scent, or with fruits or flowers to create a scent that is bright and flirty.

Thierry Mugler’s Angel (1992) is credited as the first Gourmand scent, enticing the world with its luscious  notes of Chocolate, Caramel, Honey, Coconut, Cotton Candy and more.

Parfumerie Nasreen has a great selection of Gourmand scents, no matter the style you’re going for.

Xerjoff’s Golden Dallah combines Coffee Absolute with Cocoa, Tonka Bean(similar to Vanilla) and Hazelnut with warm notes of Amber, Incense and Oud. The result is a spicy, rich, Coffee scent.

 Lalique Soleil takes a much more feminine, flirty approach to its composition with Almond, Pink Praline(candied Almond treat), Caffe Latte, and Pear Granita(Italian Ice dessert) mixed with Citrus and Sandalwood.

Al Contrario, from the Tiziana Terenzi collection, is a divine Chocolate based scent with Cacao Pods, Malt, Cane Sugar, Hazelnut, and a combination of Vanilla, Benzoin(similar to Vanilla) and Tonka Bean, mixed with woods and Orchid for a sultry scent that is in between fresh and dark.

Caswell-Massey’s Almond is reminiscent of Almond Extract, but remains light and sweet with added notes of Cherry and Vanilla-like Tonka Bean. A pinch of Salt and sultry Musk add the perfect amount of warmth.

If you’re curious about Gourmand scents, give one a try. There are lots to choose from, and Parfumerie Nasreen can help guide you along the way!

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