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What is Vanilla

What is Vanilla

What is Vanilla

Vanilla is a much loved note in food and fragrance and can be exotic and sexy or subtle and comforting.

Vanilla originated in Mexico, from the fruit of the Orchid known as Vanilla Plantifolia, and was used in traditional drinks by the natives. With explorers, it made its way to Europe, Madagascar, and to many countries worldwide. Today, most of the world’s Vanilla comes from Madagascar.

After centuries of trying to cultivate the Orchid in Europe, it was discovered that a specific species of Bee is needed to pollinate it. After its move to Madagascar, a young boy developed a technique for pollinating the Orchid by hand, and that technique is still used today.

The process from growing to exportation of Vanilla takes about one year, with 5-7 pounds of raw material needed to produce one pound of processed Vanilla. Because of this extensive method, Vanilla has become one of the most expensive spices in the world, second only to Saffron.

As with any high priced item, an alternative was created, and most Vanilla used today, and which the world is most familiar with, is a synthetic blend called Vanillin. It is sourced from different plants and woods, and high quality synthetic oils. It creates that sweet, comforting smell that we all know that can be reminiscent of baking sweet treats, where real Vanilla can smell more earthy, spicy or slightly boozy.

Parfumerie Nasreen boasts a fantastic selection of Vanilla based fragrances for both Men and Women.

Sultan is from the Royal Crown collection and uses Sandalwood and Myrrh for a warmer Vanilla scent.

Lira is from the Xerjoff/Casamorati collection and infuses flowers and citrus with the Vanilla to create a brighter scent.

Herod is from the Parfums de Marly and mixes Vanilla with Tobacco and Cinnamon for a spicier creation that is very suitable for Men.

Vanille de Tahiti is from the Perris Monte Carlo collection and uses the sweet Ylang-Ylang and soft Champaca flowers to create a sweeter, tropical style Vanilla scent.

Vanille Reve is from the Shalini collection and uses Tuberose, Tiare and Anise with Vanilla to create a warm floral scent.

Absolute Aphrodisiac is from the Initio collection and uses Amber and Musk to create a warmer, slightly intoxicating, Vanilla scent that is perfect for everyone.



-Valleri Ortiz

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