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What is Vetiver

What is Vetiver

What is Vetiver

We sometimes get asked, “What is Vetiver?”

We are happy to explain what Vetiver is, where it comes from, and what fragrances that are prominently Vetiver that can be found at Parfumerie Nasreen. 

Vetiver is a perennial grass that shares characteristics with Lemongrass and Citronella.

It is native to India, but is largely cultivated in Haiti, Indonesia, and Reunion - a French Island in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. 

Vetiver Grass grows in large tufts that can reach heights of 5ft. Its roots grow downward into the ground, reaching as far as 10-13ft.

Mainly cultivated for the perfume industry, Vetiver Grass is also used to protect soil erosion in tropical countries, can be used as a stabilizing hedge to prevent land and rock slides, for crop protection as an insect and weed repellent, and its density makes it useful for handicrafts like rope, mats, fans, and sometimes roof thatches. 

The oil used in fragrance is extracted from the root of the grass by means of steam distillation.  This process can take up to 24-28 hours, after which it is aged for a few months. The oil is said to smell deep, sweet, woody, smoky, earthy, ambery, and/or balsamic. This aroma can vary depending on where the Vetiver is grown, and the climate and soil conditions.

Vetiver grown in Haiti and Reunion has a more floral quality, while Vetiver grown in Java is said to be more smoky.

Vetiver fragrances tend to be categorized into the ‘Green’ family, as it maintains its earthy, grassy vibes, though it can have a sweeter nuance to it. It is usually used within the base of a scent as a fixative, and is oftentimes found in masculine fragrances. 

There are a number of Vetiver forward fragrance that can be found at Parfumerie Nasreen.

Guerlain Vetiver - This iconic scent blends Vetiver with citruses, pepper, and Tobacco for a refreshingly modern and effervescent scent that has lasted through the ages

Creed Original Vetiver - This scent blends both the root and leaves of Vetiver with citruses, Pink Berries, and Sandalwood for a sweeter twist to the Vetiver scent.

Lalique Encre Noire - This scent is aromatic and earthy, blending 3 types of Vetiver Oil with Cypress, Cashmere Wood, and Musk to create a scent that is almost hyper-realistic to walking through a dense forest.

Royal Crown Nizam - Citruses, soft spices, and Aquatic Notes are blended to create a refreshing scent that lifts a Vetiver note in the base, creating a refreshingly earthy scent for Men and Women.

Roja Parfums Vetiver Parfum Cologne - Roja Dove blends Vetiver root with citruses, flowers, and a melange of woods, spices, and earth notes to create an aromatic and elegant scent that is grassy, woody, fresh and clean.

Amouage Portrayal Man - Aromatic, ozonic, and woody, Portrayal Man combines a minimal composition of Violet Leaves, Vetiver, and Cade to create a scent that steps outside the bounds of expectation.

Stop in to Parfumerie Nasreen to experience Vetiver for yourself.

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