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What is Ylang Ylang

What is Ylang Ylang

What is Ylang Ylang

Pronounced EE-lang EE-lang, Ylang Ylang is a yellow star-shaped flower that grows on the Cananga Tree.

The Cananga Tree is native to many Asian countries, parts of Australia, Polynesia, and Madagascar. 

Its name is derived from the Tagalog language of the Philippines, meaning ‘Flower of Flowers’.

It has an exotic, deep, fruity floral essence that can be rubbery, custard-like with an almost banana-like essence, sometimes leaning towards a Vanilla-like aroma, and has hints of Jasmine and Neroli.

It is often added to floral scents, Vanilla scents, and oriental fragrances, and is most famously found in Chanel N.5.

The essential oil of Ylang Ylang has been used homeopathically throughout history for its heart health, mood, and energy benefits. It has been used to treat symptoms of everything from stress + anxiety to arthritis +rheumatism, treatments for hair and skin, and for its aphrodisiac benefits.

There are a few fragrances you will find at Parfumerie Nasreen with notable Ylang Ylang compositions.

Ylang Ylang Nosy Be from Perris Monte Carlo sets Ylang Ylang at center stage and pairs it with Vanilla and Jasmine to create a creamy, bountiful floral scent. Its name comes from the Island of Nosy Be, off the coast of Madagascar, where Perris Monte Carlo sources its Ylang Ylang.

Vanille de Tahiti from Perris Monte Carlo is a tropical style Vanilla-floral scent that pairs Vanilla with Ylang Ylang and Champaca to create a scent that encompasses the exotic aroma of paradise.

Safanad from Parfums de Marly is a scent that is sweet and cozy. It pairs citruses and fruits with Ylang Ylang and Vanilla, all above a warm base of Jasmine, Amber, and Sandalwood. 

Yin Transformation from The Harmonist is a creamy and sensual scent, with a slight powdery essence. It pairs Ylang Ylang with Iris and Almond Milk to create a scent that soothes your soul.

Ylang Ylang can be found within the composition of many more fragrances at Parfumerie Nasreen. Reach out or stop in any time to find out more, and to smell these incredible Ylang Ylang fragrances for yourself.

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