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Muheeb Attar

Type: Attar

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Muheeb Attar is an Oriental, Musky, fresh scent created for Men and Women.


This scent is interesting. It has an intensity to it, as well as a gentle quality. The spices, woods, and Amber bring an Oriental vibe to the scent, while Marine Notes and Bergamot mellow any intensity you might expect. It conjures an image of being in Arabia…the spices and dryness of the land fill the air around you. But you are also near the ocean, and the sweet salty essence blends into the depth and richness. This scene can be worn to the office as easily as it can be worn for any casual occasion. While its gentle essence can be worn pretty much year round, it may be too much for very hot weather. Coming in a pure oil Attar, only a few drops are needed to last your day or night. This scent is not really comparable to any other scent, but shares similarities with many Musky/Ambery scents.


Muheeb Attar has a gentle intensity to it that is rich and alluring, just as coffee can be…..and the scent is housed in a bottle designed to look like a traditional Arabic coffee pot, also called a Dallah. 

Muheeb translates to “Formidable”, “Respectful”, or “Friendly”, depending on the country.


The spices and Woody notes are felt in the opening of this scent. Amber creeps up from the base blending with the Marine Notes, which at times mimics salty sea air, and at other times simply adds a lightness to the overall composition. Touches of Bergamot and Vanilla add a temporary sweetness that helps to keep things from becoming too intense as additional Woody Notes round out this scent. A final note of Musk comes in at the end, adding an almost balmy, smoky essence to the scent. 

Top Notes: Bergamot, Spices

Heart Notes: Woody Notes, Marine Notes, Vanilla

Base Notes: Woody Notes, Musk, Amber
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  • Amber
  • Bergamot
  • fresh-earthy
  • Marine Notes
  • Musk
  • oriental-amber
  • oriental-musk
  • Spices
  • Vanilla
  • Woody Notes