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Opus XIV Royal Tobacco

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Opus XIV Royal Tobacco is an aromatic, spicy, sweet scent created for Men and Women in 2022 by perfumer Cecile Zarokian.


This scent is a journey within itself. It is a melange of spices, Frankincense, and Tobacco, sweetened with Liquorice Root and Plum. The spice infusion pops strikingly with the addition of Peru Balsam, Birch Tar and both Guaiac Wood and Oud Assam. Over time Tonka Bean and Vanilla add a subtly sweet layer to the dry down. This enticing composition is intense, rich, and dark, with sweet and aromatic nuances that continue to impress from start to finish. It might be a bit too much for the office, but its elegant and sophisticated essence makes it perfect for just about any professional or formal occasion. It can work in casual settings, and brings a sense of confidence and power to the wearer. It will work perfectly in the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons, and will last. It has been compared to Clive Christian E Gourmand Oriental as well as Noir Exquis from L’Artisan Parfumeur.


Opus XIV Royal Tobacco takes inspiration from Cuban Cigars. It pays homage to El Lector, a gentleman who was chosen to keep the cigar makers educated, informed and entertained as they worked. El Lector would read the news, or captivate the workers with novels, who would then pass on their knowledge to their families.


There is so much going on in this scent, it can be hard to tell what is coming and going at times. Frankincense Oil opens this scent, along with a melange of spices of Elemi, Cardamom, and Anise. Frankincense Resinoid closes this scent with a resinous blend of Peru Balsam, Birch Tar, Benzoin, Myrrh, Labdanum, and Musk. The woody nuances of Guaiac Wood and Oud Assam boost the spicy qualities of Tobacco, which lives in the heart of this scent. Tobacco Absolute blends with Osmanthus and Fenugreek, alongside the sweeter nuances of Liquorice Root and Prunol, which can be felt lingering throughout each layer of this scent. The sweetness continues with Madagascan Vanilla and Tonka Bean in the base. Though these scents linger throughout this composition, they do only good, rounding out any harshness you might expect from such a rich blend. 

Top Notes: Frankincense Oil, Elemi, Cardamom, Anise, Basil, Bergamot

Heart Notes: Tobacco Absolute, Liquorice Root, Prunol, Lavender, Fenugreek, Orange Blossom, Osmanthus, Rose

Base Notes: Frankincense Resinoid, Peru Balsam, Benzoin, Myrrh, Labdanum, BirchTar, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Madagascar, Vetiver, Guaiac Wood, Oud Assam, Musk
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  • Anise
  • Basil
  • Benzoin
  • Bergamot
  • Birch Tar
  • Cardamom
  • Elemi
  • Fenugreek
  • Frankincense Oil
  • Frankincense Resinoid
  • Guaiac Wood
  • Labdanum
  • Lavender
  • Liquorice Root
  • Musk
  • myrrh
  • Orange Blossom
  • osmanthus
  • Oud Assam
  • Peru Balsam
  • Prunol
  • Rose
  • spicy-leather
  • spicy-tobacco
  • Tobacco absolute
  • Tonka Bean
  • Vanilla Madagascar
  • Vetiver
  • woody-oud