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Are Scents Really Sesaonal?

Are Scents Really Sesaonal?

Are Scents Really Sesaonal?

Should you change your scents with the seasons? This is a question we get a lot. Easy answer….it’s up to you. 

You’ll see a lot of fragrances described as scents made for certain seasons, or recommended to wear during certain seasons, but really it depends on you and your preferences.

In our minds, the only exception is that there are some fragrances that are very rich and warm and probably will feel too heavy in very warm weather. These scents are probably best saved to be worn during cooler weather. Other than that, in our opinion, you can wear whatever scent you want, whenever you feel like wearing it. 

Scents with fruits and citruses, and in general more fresh, clean essences, tend to work better in the warmer months. These types of scents generally create bright vibes and can give you an excited energy, making them perfect for a day out in the sunshine, surrounded by other naturally fresh and bright essences. But these scents can easily be worn during the colder months, working like a great mood booster and chasing away the ‘winter blues’.

Scents with darker notes tend to be recommended for the colder months, as they ignite cozy vibes, and sometimes will even have aromas that are associated with Autumn, and therefore just feel right to wear during that time. The thing that might make these scents feel too intense in warmer weather is, essentially, the heat. As your body warms up, and as you sweat, your fragrance will emanate from your body even more, making your scent more vibrant, or present. This can, sometimes, result in feeling like your fragrance is too heavy and/or feel like you’ve put on too much. But then, a warmer fragrance could work perfectly in the Summertime if you’re going out for an intimate date and you want to feel sensual and confident, or out for drinks and to mingle and you want your scent to catch someone’s attention.

If you like to change up your fragrance, we recommend choosing based on your mood and how you’re feeling or want to feel, the occasion or event you’re going to, what activities you’ll be doing. 

Changing your scent with each season is up to you and how you feel, or want to feel, when wearing your fragrance. It can also depend on how many fragrances you want to have in your collection.

We hope this helps you on your journey through the fragrance world. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts, and answer any questions you might have on this subject.

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