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Fragrance Spotlight: Amouage Guidance

Fragrance Spotlight: Amouage Guidance

Fragrance Spotlight: Amouage Guidance

Amouage Guidance blew up when it first arrived on the fragrance scene. Before it was even released worldwide, people were talking about it and searching for it. 

It is a fruity, Ambery, Woody scent that was created by perfume Quentin Bisch in 2023. It was given the prestigious Best Perfume in High Luxury Award at the Belgian Beauty Awards in 2024.

Released within the Escape chapter of the Odyssey Collection, each fragrance in the line pays a type of homage to Frankincense, a note found in pretty much every Amouage fragrance. Guidance is tantalizingly sweet and rich, with its inspiration reading like a fairytale. Its feeling creates that fairytale on the skin, conjuring images of pink clouds floating above an unruly forest, and a whimsical princess leading you on a grand adventure. 

The Escape Collection encompasses the idea of escapism, and each fragrance reveals a different path on the journey of growth and transformation. Guidance plays with the idea of adventure, seeking knowledge, building confidence.

Its scent pyramid reads as:

Top: Pear, Frankincense, Hazelnut
Heart: Saffron, Rose, Jasmine Sambac, Osmanthus
Base: Cistus, Sandalwood, Akigalawood, Ambergris, Vanilla 

Frankincense brings an immediate warmth that deepens a gentle Pear note. Saffron adds an exotic sparkle to the Rose, with a faint hint of the Jasmine trailing behind. Akigalawood is a high-grade synthetic creation that has a Patchouli/Pepper/Agarwood essence. This blends with the depth of Leathery Cistus and boosts the Ambergris note. Vanilla adds a touch of creamy sweetness to the warmth, keeping the lighter elements thriving. 

It spellbinds your senses, making everything feel magical and all things possible. It intrigues your senses and takes your mind on a sensical adventure in itself. 

It may be too sweet for some, and does lean ever-so-slightly feminine with that sweetness, but it is definitely a fragrance worth experiencing at least once by anyone and everyone. 

You can find Guidance, along with the entire Escape Collection fragrances, at Parfumerie Nasreen in Seattle. 

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