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Cannabis in Fragrance

Cannabis in Fragrance

Cannabis in Fragrance

Cannabis has been around for millennia. It has been used for its many medicinal qualities - arthritis, depression, inflammation, pain, nausea, loss of appetite - and in some religious ceremonies.

It originated in Asia, with its first documented use going back to 2800 BC. Emperor Shen Nung, considered the father of Chinese medicine, mentioned it in his Pharmacopoeia. 

With a slightly tumultuous history, Cannabis has been viewed as both good and bad at different times.

While you will, no doubt, come across perfumes that can make you smell like you’ve been smoking pot all day, Cannabis in fragrance can produce an aroma that is earthy, smoky, almost Piney, herbaceous, and/or aromatic.

In 2006, Demeter was one of the first companies to produce a fragrance infused with Cannabis with ‘Cannabis Flower’.

Now you can find many perfumes with Cannabis, or Hemp, listed within the ingredients. Its potency makes it instantly notable, but not always offensive.

Cannabis from Bois 1920 is almost exactly what it sounds like. Upon initial spray, it is a blast of Cannabis to the senses, and it stays this way for a little while. As it dries down, though, it turns aromatic and earthy, and is reminiscent of being outdoors in nature, or a unique blend of Pine and Citrus.

Cannabis Fruttata from Bois 1920 is less earthy and intense than its ‘single-note’ counterpart. While it does have that recognizable Cannabis scent upon first spray, it slowly transforms into a sweet and earthy scent with hints of Fig Leaves and Blueberry.

Hashabis from Giardino Benessere is clean and earthy, with a note of Hemp, Hemp Leaves, and Hemp Flowers that adds a slightly sharp woody tone. Added notes of fruits, Juniper, and Cedarwood keep this scent clean with a gentle woody essence.

Oudh Jasmin from Sama is intense….but not necessarily in the way of Cannabis. This scent is intense in the way of being woody, earthy, and dirty with a ‘barnyard’ vibe to it that comes from Oud and Hemp. Jasmine is prominent within the earthiness, but things stay dark.

Cannabis is not all bad, especially when it comes to fragrances. You can find all of these scents at Parfumerie Nasreen in Seattle, and decide for yourself.

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