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Gifting Fragrance

Gifting Fragrance

Gifting Fragrance

With the holiday season upon us, we are all in the mood to buy gifts for our loved ones.

Some people are easy to shop for. You easily get ideas for what to buy them, or are constantly seeing things that you know they’ll love.

Others are harder. They always seem to have everything they need or want, or are very unhelpful when you ask them directly. You seem to go from place to place without finding anything you think they will really like.

It can work exactly the same when it comes to buying fragrances for other people.

Some people know their style, and almost anything in that particular style will work for them, while other people are very picky about their fragrances, and have a hard time finding something for themselves.

When you’re just not sure, we are happy to help you out! We are always happy to do a consultation with you, and help you find the best option. The more you know about the taste or style of the person you’re buying for, the better. Knowing what they have liked previously, we can figure out the common factors, and recommend scents that they would be likely to enjoy.

If you definitely want a fragrance, but what you pick you’re still not 100% sure on, we will always give you a sample of what you’re buying, plus lots of others, so the person you bought for can try the fragrance before they open it. 

We can also decant samples for you. You can pick a few fragrances, or a lot, that you think your gift recipient will like, and take a little pressure off. They will have what we like to call the ‘gift of choice’. :)

A lot of fragrance houses also have sample sets or discovery sets. These sets will have quite a few of their best fragrances, in 2ml vials, in a pre-packaged set, or larger atomizers - which can be 5ml, 7.5ml, 8ml, 10ml, ect. - of 3-6 of their best scents. 

Lotions and Creams are also a great option. With a softer aroma than a fragrance, they can be worn alone, to moisturize the skin, or layered with fragrances your gift recipient already has. 

Candles are a great gift for people who love fragrances. Most people like burning candles, especially around the holidays, and the gentler scent will softly warm their space and add a soft glow to their surroundings. 

Parfumerie Nasreen has lots of options for you and anyone you want to buy a scented gift for.

Stop in, call, email, or visit our website and choose something unique and amazing!

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