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Fragrance Spotlight: Initio Parfums Prives Oud For Greatness

Fragrance Spotlight: Initio Parfums Prives Oud For Greatness

Fragrance Spotlight: Initio Parfums Prives Oud For Greatness

Oud for Greatness took the world by storm when it was released in 2018.

It was released by Initio Parfums Prives as part of the Black Gold Project collection. This collection is centered around the idea of Geometry and sacred symbols in nature. 

With this idea in mind, the bottle design shows the All Seeing Eye surrounded by geometrical lines. 

The fragrance takes inspiration from the concept of the Tree of Life. It symbolizes the connection between heaven and earth, and therefore the connection between Man and God. 

The power behind the symbols seen in everything makes all our dreams of greatness possible.

The main notes of Oud for Greatness, Natural Oud and Agarwood Oil, play into this, as Oud is often called ‘Liquid Gold’ and is often immortalized within the fragrance community.

Oud for Greatness begins with the slightly fresh, spicy blend of Saffron and Lavender. The combination of Natural Oud and Agarwood Oil slowly seep into all layers of this scent, developing into a velvety concoction as Nutmeg and Musk thread their way in. Patchouli comes in at the end, keeping the earthy element of this scent going strong. 

This is an Oud scent that never reaches the intensity that can be described as a barnyard earthy, but the velvety quality lasts, adding to the longevity that you will experience. It never becomes offensive or projects too far, and is wearable in most settings. 

It is gentle enough that it can work for people just beginning their journey into the territory of woods and Ouds.

With the popularity of this scent never waning, Oud for Happiness was released in 2021.

Oud for Happiness boasts a gentler composition that is based on the idea that scent can make you happy. It creates an enveloping sense of comfort that releases your internal harmony.

This blend takes the level of Oud down a notch, using only Indian Oud, and adding brighter notes, cleaner woods, and some Vanilla.

WIth Oud for Happiness, Bergamot and Ginger are immediately bright and invigorating. Cedarwood adds a crisp quality to the Indian Oud, as a note of Musk comes in, adding a gentle velvety quality, as with Oud for Greatness. Licorice and Vanilla blend together in the base, keeping things light, and adding a hint of sweetness with depth.

Oud for Happiness takes Oud and invigorates it. You could call them cousin scents. They’re definitely from the same family, but are each on a path of their own.

Both compositions focus on a creamy, velvety quality that is not felt with a lot of Oud scents.

You can find both of these fragrances now, at Parfumerie Nasreen!

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