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What is a Fougere?

What is a Fougere?

What is a Fougere?

Fougere (Foo-jheer) is a word tossed around within the world of fragrances.

It often goes hand in hand with ‘Barbershop’ when describing certain fragrances, and represents a type, or category, of fragrance.

A Barbershop style scent will recall the aroma of an actual barber from once upon a time. It, roughly, encompasses that sharp, clean, herbal, soapy essence that you imagine when you think of a barbershop.

It paints a picture of being clean shaven, fresh, and moisturized, and tends to be the type of scent you can wear every day, in every season, and for every occasion.

Fougere, in French, translates to ‘Fern’, and aside from the barbershop essence, Fougere scents can evoke the aromas of the outdoors.This makes sense, given that Fougere scents will fall into the ‘Green’ category.

The first Fougere scent that came on the market was Fougere Royale from Houbigant, created by perfume Paul Parquet in 1882. He was quoted as saying he created a scent that was what he wished Ferns smelled like. 

Fougere Royale can still be found in circulation today, apparently being mostly untouched, or reformulated extremely well, compared to when it originally came out.

Most Fougere scents will contain the notes of Lavender, Oakmoss, Rosemary, Juniper, Sage, Vanilla, Bergamot, and/or Rose, as well as a Fern Accord in some cases. 

It is said that the Fougere scent was originally created for Women, but it has a distinct masculine essence in most cases. Even so, Fougere scents can work for anyone who loves a sharp, Green scent, and are very suitable for Women who love a unisex scent, or a scent that leans masculine with a fresh essence.

Fougere Royale from Houbigant, the original Fougere, has a slight vintage feel to it without feeling ‘old’. Lavender blends with Mediterranean Herbs, Geranium, Oakmoss, Sage, and Tonka Bean to create a truly effervescent scent.

Darley from Parfums de Marly is on the softer side, but with a warm woody essence to it. A classic blend of Bergamot, Lavender, Rose, Rosemary, and Tonka Bean are given a gentle depth with Patchouli and Guaiac Wood.

Irish Leather from Memo Paris is fresh and grassy with a gentle soapiness. A Leather base holds the lightness of Juniper, Mate, Sage, and Tonka Bean with Birch and Iris that creates a scent akin to the sweet earthiness of new rain across an open field. 

V Amber Fougere from Clive Christian is a Fougere that is warm and smoky. Resinous Fir Balsam, Frankincense, and Amber mix up the traditional Fougere style for a scent that is ultra modern and very suitable for the colder months. 

Elation from Navitus is a Fougere style scent with a blast of citrus. Bergamot, Lime, Clementine, Pomelo, Orange, and Yuzu blend with some familiar characters, and a Chypre Accord. A gentle warmth comes in with Musk and Driftwood.

Bracken Women from Amouage is a Fougere scent specifically created for Women. This scent is green and sharp, and uses the Bracken Fern instead of the usual suspects. Birch and Vetiver take the crisp quality of the Fern and lifts it higher, as Lily and Wild Berries add a gentle sweetness. 

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