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Fragrance Spotlight: Xerjoff Naxos

Fragrance Spotlight: Xerjoff Naxos

Fragrance Spotlight: Xerjoff Naxos

Xerjoff Naxos was released in 2015 as part of the XJ 1861 collection that also includes Decas(2021), Renaissance(2011), and Zefiro(2015).

This collection celebrates the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. In 1861, the different states that made up the Italian Peninsula were united into one single state, the Italian Kingdom.

Naxos pays homage to this event by celebrating the area of Giardini Naxos, a seaside town in Sicily, which was the first Greek settlement on the island.

Giardini means ‘Gardens’ and the city is named so after the citrus groves in the region.

The scent Naxos is a beautiful Tobacco and Honey blend that infuses Mediterranean citruses, Lavender, and Vanilla notes that make it versatile, sweet, and mature. 

A lot of Tobacco fragrances can be too ‘thick’, too realistic, or be so fresh that you don’t get much of the Tobacco essence. With Naxos, it is perfectly blended so that the essence of the Tobacco leaves is mellowed, but still thrives without overpowering the wearer. The Honey somehow thrives, when it disappears too fast in other scents.The citruses, Lavender, and Vanilla notes each take turns in changing the nuance of this scent. 

No note is too much or too little in this composition.

The fragrance pyramid is as follows:

Top: Bergamot, Lemon, Lavender

Heart: Jasmine Sambac, Cinamon, Honey, Cashmere

Base: Tobacco Leaf, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Bean

It paints a seductive picture of an unforgettable moment…..You can imagine wandering through the streets of shops just minutes from the seaside. Pots of Lavender and flowers line the street and doorways and you can smell the citruses from the nearby groves scenting the air, just like you always imagined. You’ve stopped at a pastry shop for a treat. You decide on a confection that is drizzled with Honey and sprinkled with Cinnamon. As you sit down at a table outside the shop, you can still smell the sweetness coming from the delicacies being baked just inside. You take your first bite, and just as you are wondering why nothing back home tastes so good, the scent of someone smoking a cigar nearby reaches you. You realize that it doesn’t feel bothersome, because your senses are filled with the sweetness of your pastry, the air of the sea and citrus, and you realize you are in a truly divine moment that you will forever remember.

It is no wonder why Naxos has gained its popularity.

You can find Naxos at Parfumerie Nasreen now. Stop by and try it, or order a sample online, and find out for yourself how amazing it is, and paint your own picture of a magical moment in Italy!

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