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What are Aquatic/Blue Scents?

What are Aquatic/Blue Scents?

What are Aquatic/Blue Scents?

What are aquatic scents? Blue scents? 

Aquatic scents are mostly self explanatory. They are scents that are made to smell like water. Most of the time it is a scent that is meant to smell like the ocean, but can encompass a variety of water-like essences. 

Some scents capture the scent of being near a stream or river in the woods. Some capture the scent of morning dew on plants and flowers. Some capture the scent of a day at the beach, or a tropical vacation. 

Aquatic scents can be described as oceanic, marine, ozonic, beachy, or tropical.

Blue scents, also called Bleu scents, are fragrances that tend to be more fresh and clean with fruity or citrus notes that add a sweetness to the overall feel of the scent. 

Oceania from Giardino Benessere blends a Sea Breeze Accord with citruses, fruits, and spices with the warmth of gentle woods and Moss notes to create a zesty, water-like scent.

Wet Stone from Amouroud pairs Sea Salt with a Wet Stone Accord, Ginger, citruses, and woods to create a scent that is incredibly realistic of a day hiking near a river surrounded by rocks boulders that have gone back and forth from being dry to soaked by the rushing water, adding a slightly minerallac, earthy essence. 

Reflection Woman from Amouage Freesia and Water Violet thrive against a lush floral bouquet surrounded by Tropical Green Leaves that is warmed with Amber, Musk, and soft woods. This mixture creates a dewy essence that is soft and elegant.

Virgin Island Water from Creed blends citruses with tropical flowers, Coconut, and Tropical Wood to evoke the feeling of drinking a sweet drink on a tropical island beach.

Elysium Parfum Cologne from Roja Parfums falls into the Blue/Bleu category. Citruses, fruits, herbs, and flowers are blended with Amber, Vetiver, Musk, and Vanilla to create a scent that is fresh and clean with a touch of sweetness.

Mefisto from Xerjoff’s Casamorati collection is another Blue/Bleu scent that blends citruses and flowers with Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Musk, and Amber to create a scent that is fresh and clean with a hint of sweetness, that dries down with a slight spicy essence.

These are just a few of the Aquatic/Blue styles that can be found at Parfumerie Nasreen. Stop in, call, email, or visit our website to discover even more!

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