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Perfume histories Parfums de Marly, Shalini Parfrums, Giardino Benessere



The story behind a fragrance is just as important as the fragrance itself. It can add a new dimension to the way you feel while wearing something, and can conjure new images alongside the feelings it gives you. Some fragrances are inspired by very real stories and play out histories on your skin!


Parfums de Marly is a collection that pays homage to King Louis XV, who spent much of his time at Chateau de Marly where he commissioned Chevaux de Marly in 1743, the grand “Horses of Marly” statues that were placed at the entrance of the palace grounds that still stand today. It is said he loved fragrance so much that he named his royal court the ‘Perfumed Court’, and that he even had his fountains perfumed. Many of the Parfums de Marly fragrances are named after winning race horses from the King’s beloved horse races, and the bottles are adorned with images of the Marly Horses.


Shalini Parfum is another collection that adds their love and history into their fragrances. Beginning in the world of Haute Couture, Shalini adds her passion for luxury and craftsmanship into her creations.

Shalini Parfum was a personal project that turned into a fan favorite. It was born of childhood memories of sneaking into the garden at night to smell the Tuberoses under the moon - a flower that is now a lifelong favorite of Shalini.

Paradis Provence is a scent that encompasses the essence of Provence, a city in the South of France known as the perfume capital of the world. With countless fields of flowers, it is paradise on earth.

Jardin Nocturne is an ode to cherished memories of being in a friend’s garden in Dubai. The intoxicating scent of the night-blooming Jasmine and the ever-present scent of smokey Oud and spices in the air made it a most magical evening.


Giardino Benessere is another collection to look at. Their fragrances represent childhood memories, like Pompei Garden, the scent that encompasses memories of the creators playing in the family Garden; a point of their Italian history, like Aurelia, named after the Aurelian Way, inspired by the road built for the Roman soldiers to travel by that later became a focal point for trade within the region; or notes that embody healing properties and are like wellness therapy for your soul - Amber for relaxation, Sandalo E Mirra for its regenerative and healing essences, Tuberose for energy, or White Musk for its refreshing essences. And then their Extrait collection, known as the Titans collection, are all named after the Titans of Greek and Roman mythology, those who birthed the infamous Gods and Goddesses we are familiar with today.


Your own personal history can be created with the fragrances you wear, evoking memories and emotions as you wear something later in life that you wore in your youth. Scent can even bring to life memories of loved ones who have passed on.


The histories and stories behind fragrances are just as important as the scent itself, and what inspires perfumers can create new memories and feelings for you.


-Valleri Ortiz

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