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Mimosa in Perfume

Mimosa in Perfume

Mimosa in Perfume

Mimosa is a beautiful, sunshiney flower that is recognizable by its fluffy yellow pom pom petals. 

The name comes from the Greek words, Mimos: ‘Actor’ or ‘Mime’, and Osa: ‘Resembling’. This comes from the idea that the Mimosa Leaves mimic conscious life, as they are super sensitive and will immediately close when touched.

Acacia is the Latin name for the Mimosa Tree, and Mimosa can also go by Acacia and Cassie. 

There are many different types of Mimosa, but Acacia Dealbata is the form used in perfume. 

Mimosa is native to Australia, mostly being cultivated in France, India, Egypt, and Morocco. It made its way to Europe in the 19th century, spreading quickly throughout the French Riviera. 

In the 1940’s, Mimosa became the symbol of Women’s Day(March 8th), chosen for its humble essence and abundance in the Italian countryside. 

Though it seems delicate, the Mimosa flower is resilient, being able to grow in harsh environments. Some species even grow during the Winter months.

Mimosa symbolizes solidarity, resistance, and strength.

The Mimosa Flower is soft and floral with nuances of honeyed Almond, Iris-like and powdery, and can have green facets with a Cucumber-like essence. 

It can be light and delicate, but can have a subtle potency that boosts the lighter essences it is paired with. It has a joyous essence with a romantic flair. 

Fashion Avenue from Bond No.9 has a playful, flirty essence to it. Dewey Greens and fresh Citrus notes bring out the Green aspect of the Mimosa, and being paired with Ylang Ylang brings out a subtle sweetness. Cashmere Musk plays on the powdery essence and adds a gentle warmth.

Magnetic Wood from The Harmonist a gentle, woody, powdery scent. Mimosa is paired with Osmanthus and Iris, creating a delicate, powdery, floral heart while Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Guaiac Wood bring a sweet, Woody warmth. 

Volupte from Oscar de la Renta is floral, powdery, and warm. Mimosa is situated within a floral heart that includes Carnation, Jasmine, and Lily. Amber and Incense bring a decided warmth that adds an air of maturity. A hint of Vanilla brings the lightness back around towards the end.

Paloma Picasso is a spicy floral with a bold elegance. Mimosa sits in a floral bouquet that tempers the depths of a blend of Civet, Castoreum, Sandalwood, Musk, and Amber. 

Paris from Yves Saint Laurent is a bright, yet powdery Rose based scent. Rose is the pure essence of this scent, with its powdery essence further boosted by Mimosa, Orris Root, Violet, and Lily. Vetiver, Lime Blossom, and Oakmoss add a gentle Green quality that helps the May Rose to blossom on the skin. 

With its gentleness, you may not even know when Mimosa is in a scent, and it may be unapologetically up front and center.

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We’d love to hear what your favorite Mimosa fragrances are.

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