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Sandalwood true essence of a fragrance

Sandalwood – True Essence of a Fragrance

Sandalwood – True Essence of a Fragrance

Sandalwood is a very popular ingredient used by perfumers in fragrances. The process for using sandalwood is long and arduous but in the end it is one of the most distinct and beautiful scents in perfumes.

Sandalwood comes from a class of trees (Santalum). The woods are heavy, yellow, fine-grained, and they retain their fragrances for decades. Sandalwood oil is extracted from the woods and roots for use as a base note in perfumes and as an ingredient in candles and diffusers. Sandalwood has been in use for thousands of years in the creation of fragrances and cosmetics because it has calming and cooling effects.

The primary supplier of sandalwood is India. However in recent times, other types of Sandalwood such as the Pacific Sandalwood and Australian Sandalwood have come to light. Of the types of Sandalwood there are only two, red and white sandalwood. Red sandalwood tree takes many more years to grow than the white sandalwood. Another difference is, the red sandalwood does not possess aromatic properties of white pulp. However, both types possess similar medicinal properties and are used in alternative medicines.

As for the origins of the sandalwood used in perfumes, Pacific Sandalwood is very similar to Indian, exhibiting the same warm, buttery scent, however the aroma is less immediate than that of the Indian Sandalwood. After a few minutes they will be very similar. The Australian Sandalwood has lower santalol content which makes it perfect for therapeutic purposes. This also has more of a woody scent than their cousins from India and Pacific types.

In the perfume industry, Sandalwood is a very popular ingredient for many reasons. Sandalwood is one of the most long lasting scents used in perfumes. It is generally used as a base note for this reason. Because of its natural woody aroma, the presence of sandalwood generally blends well with most perfume ingredients, often being used as a fixative to blend and create some unmistakable wondrous scents.

For those interested in learning more about a sandalwood scent, our store carries some unisex fragrances like Sandalo E Mirra by Giardino Benessere, Santal du Pacifique by Perris Monte Carlo, Sandalwood by Caswell Massey, Imperial Santal by M. Micallef, Interlude Man and Woman by Amouage.


-Shilpa Shah

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