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Summer Scents 2024!

Summer Scents 2024!

Summer Scents 2024!

With the Summer season comes warmer weather, sunshine, adventures outdoors, beaches, and a sense of energy and fun.

With this extra energy and excitement, a fragrance with an energizing essence is the perfect fit.

Perseus from Parfums de Marly is a 2024 launch and has Summer written all over it within the scent pyramid and the bright orange color of the bottle. The scent celebrates citruses, and boasts ingredients of Bergamot, Grapefruit, and Mandarin, with a twist of Vetiver to boost the tart essence and add a gentle earthy vibe. Hints of Dry Woods and Amber give the scent a touch of warm and longevity.

Greenley from Parfums de Marly is a 2020 release that has been getting some attention again in 2024. It is bright and clean with hints of sweetness from a Green Apple note. Mandarin and Petitgrain add a brightness while Oakmoss, Musk, and an Amberwood Accord bring the warmth that keeps it from fading too fast.

Erba Gold from Xerjoff has finally been released to the mainstream after years of exclusivity with Selfridges in England. Ginger adds a fabulous brightness to a blend of fruits and citruses, and touches of Vanilla and Amber bring a smooth and creamy quality to the dry down. 

Blockade from Mind Games is immediately bright and captivating with Mango Skin and Mango Flowers shining bright amongst a blend of Bergamot, Cyclamen, Lavender and Tomato Leaf. It invigorates the senses. Subtle touches of Pepper, Leather, and Woods adds just the right amount of depth and body that will keep you smelling yourself all day long.

Almond from Caswell-Massey is a simple, yet intriguing scent. It is a little more simplistic in style, at times being reminiscent of Almond Extract. Almond Flower is blended with Cherry, a Salty Accord, Vanilla-like Tonka Bean, and sweet, yet warm, Sandalwood that creates an aroma that mimics the smell of sun kissed skin or suntan lotion. It very much brings the beachy vibes.

Elysium Eau Intense from ROJA is the follow up scent to the success of Elysium Pour Homme. A gentle, and slightly sweet, blend of fruits, citruses, and flowers is given a pop of Rhubarb that takes Elysium to another lever. It adds more energy to the original composition and puts a smile on your face.

Elysium Pour Femme from ROJA is the latest release in the line of Elysium fragrances, this time given a distinctly feminine twist. Peach and Blackberry are blended with Bergamot and Mandarin, creating a beautiful tartness that is perfect for a day filled with sunshine. A blooming floral heart brings a gentle sweetness that is eventually warmed with a touch of Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Musk. It feels bright and sweet all day, and brings just the right amount of warmth in the drydown to make it a perfect evening scent. 

There are so many more scents to choose from to wear this Summer season. We think you’ll love these picks as much as us, and would love to hear what you think your favorite Summer scent(s) will be!

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