Posted on January 05, 2015 by Shilpa Shah

What intrigues you when you're looking at fragrances? The bottle? The scent itself? One thing that always catches me, and that I appreciate very much, is the story behind the fragrance.

Like music, fragrances conjure up 'something' within you when wearing and smelling them. It may be an emotion, a feeling, a memory or a story.

Some fragrance tell a story, and it adds a whole new dimension to your scent.

A newer collection, Arquiste, does just this! Each fragrance paints a picture in your mind. It gives you an idea of what was inspiring creator, Carlos Huber, as he was imagining them into being.

Aleksandr, a divine fragrance with notes of Leather, Fir, Violet and Lavender, tells the story of a fiery gentleman preparing for a duel to the death. On a wintery morning, he splashes on his toilette of Neroli and Violet, dons his heavy fir and leather boots, and rides off to meet his destiny.

Infanta En Flor, a beautiful powdery scent with notes of Orange Flower Water, Leather and Immortelle, tells of Maria Teresa, the Infanta of Spain, who is offered to Louis XIV in exchange for peace between the two nations. Then Fleur de Louis, its counterpart, sets the scene again, telling the same story from the other side. Two scents of different sides coming together into one fragrance story.

Arquiste is not the only fragrance collection to tell stories. An extremely niche collection, Romea d'Ameor, by Annie Vannier, shows a rich history of women throughout time.

The Taj Mahal's Eternal Love, a tragic and eternal love. Lush flowers, including the Taj Mahal Blue Lotus, mixed with fruits and green notes places you in the very palace built for Emperor Shah Jahan's one true love.

The Secret Heroines of the Tsar tells of Tsar Peter the Great sends his favorite spy on a secret mission to commission a now famous painting, so that he may outdo King Louis XV's reputation as patron of the arts. Anna, the spy, travels far and leaves such a beautiful scent from her journey, that it haunts the painter, Francois Boucher, and inspires his painting "The Secret Heroines of the Tsar".

Then there are collections like The House of Creed. While not exactly painting a picture of a rich history or story, tells of the inspirations behind their scents. Sort of a celebrity fragrance collection before celebrity fragrances were a 'thing', the Creed family would create fragrances inspired by, or created specifically for, royalty and celebrities alike.

Spring Flower was created for Audrey Hepburn, and is light and airy is the actress is herself. You can picture her standing next to you if you close your eyes.

Royal Water was created for the the next generation of The House of Windsor; Britain's young royals; a fresh and light fragrance that emanates sophistication.

Bois du Portugal, inspired by the woods of Portugal, leaves you feeling like you've just been on a hike in the Southern countries hills.

Fragrances can even reminisce upon personal stories, created after wearing something throughout a certain time in your life. They inspire the feeling you experience later in life.

This is just one subject that fragrances touch on in the infinite worlds they create.

What story does your fragrance tell?

~By Valleri Flannery


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Posted on December 30, 2014 by Shilpa Shah

To start, I'd like to talk about what an incredible experience it is to be a part of the fragrance world. Diving into the unknown can begin an amazing journey, which I have had the pleasure to experience for the last 2 1/2 years here at Parfumerie Nasreen!

Fragrances are so personal and unique. They become a part of your memory, they seep into the crevices of your brain and stay there forever. I've heard it said that the link between scent and memory is the strongest of all the links in the brain, followed closely by music. Smell something a relative wore, something you wore back in high school, the smell of fresh cut grass in the summer......smell it again and your mind takes you right back to that time. It can sometimes be an emotional journey.

Fragrances have the power to envelop us wholly. There is so much to be discovered. So much more than the flavor(scent) of the week, more than your favorite celebrity or fashion designer. The unknowns and up-and-comers can be so much more enjoyable than you could have ever imagined.

In my time here, I've come to appreciate what goes into the scent making process. The time and energy that goes into it, what the 'Noses' give up of themselves, and enjoy every moment of it. I've also come to appreciate things that I would not have otherwise. Something someone else may find "too strong" or "stinky", I can appreciate the essence of the fragrance and my mind delves deeper into the potential of it.

With this blog, myself and the people involved in the future of Parfumerie Nasreen will discuss all of the ins and outs of perfume. We'll talk about what goes into it, what to be aware of when trying new fragrances, all the tricks and hidden knowledge we use everyday. We'll discuss new perfumers to be on the look out for, and all things niche about the perfume world. We will involve you in our passion for what we do!

Join us on our fragrance journey!!

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