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What are Lactonic Fragrances?

What are Lactonic Fragrances?

What are Lactonic Fragrances?

“Lactonic” is a word thrown around within the world of perfumes. But what does it mean?

Lactonic comes from the Latin language, meaning ‘Milk’.

Lactonic almost literally refers to an acid obtained from the oxidation of milk sugar - the lactose.

In reference to fragrances, it describes scents that have milky facets. This means fragrances that can smell milky or creamy. This can be from accords made to smell reminiscent of Coconut milk, Almond Milk, and milk based desserts. It can sometimes even refer to scents with a Peach Skin(or other fruit skin) essence.

Lactonic scents often fall into the Gourmand category and can be paired with Vanilla, sweet Sandalwood, fruits and white flowers. 

It evokes a sweetness, and a coziness or comforting essence. 

Soleil from Lalique is a sweet and fruity scent with Gourmand nuances. A Cafe Latte Accord adds a warm milky nuance while a Pear Granita Accord adds a sweet and creamy vibe. Bitter Almond, Praline, and Sandalwood add a sweet warm that makes this scent inviting.

Yin Transformation from The Harmonist is sweet and cream with an Almond Milk Accord. Ylang Ylang adds a Vanilla-like floral vibe, that has also been compared to a Banana-like aroma, that is heightened with Vanilla-like Tonka Bean. Mandarin brightens this blend, while Sandalwood adds depth and warmth.

Cassili from Parums de Marly is like being enveloped by Peaches. A blend of Red Currant Fruit, Plum, and the naturally tropical aroma of Plumeria perfectly recreates the essence of a lush, ripe Peach. Vanilla Pods, White Flowers, and Sandalwood add to the lush sweetness.

Oriana from Parfums de Marly is like a Cotton Candy cloud. Citruses and fruits brighten a blend of Chantilly Cream(fancy whipped cream) and Marshmallow that are warmed slightly with Amber and Musk.

Love Tuberose from Amouage is sweet and decadent. Chantilly Cream and Vanilla are infused with a lush floral bouquet of Jasmine, Tuberose, and Gardenia. 

Creme de Cuir from BDK Parfums is a sweet and Musky scent with a cream finish. While it doesn’t have any Milky accords, the blend of Pineapple, Suede, and Vanilla creates something that is smooth, creamy, velvety, and unique. 

Scholar’s Mate from Mind Games an aromatic, Musky scent with a smooth finish. Grapefruit and powdery Orris lift a Fig Milk note. The end result is reminiscent of the woody essence of the woody frays on a Coconut or the slightly bitter fuzzies of a tart citrus or fruit that has absorbed the woody essence of the wood pallets it was displayed on. It is a unique and appealing scent.

Lactonic scents come in great variety and are something that is suitable for anyone.

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