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What is Blackcurrant?

What is Blackcurrant?

What is Blackcurrant?

Blackcurrant is a shrub in the Gooseberry family that grows in parts of Europe and Asia. It produces dark berries that look similar to Blueberries. Raw, they are tart in flavor, but sweeten as they are cooked or processed.

It is grown commercially for the juice market, but can be used in foods, drinks, herbal medicines, and alcoholic beverages. Blackcurrants are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants.

Once upon a time, Blackcurrants were popular in the US, but were found to cause a fungus on Pine Trees, which began to affect the US logging industry. It was banned in the US in the early 1900’s, but is slowly making a comeback.

Blackcurrant can also be found in fragrances. Also called Cassis, it adds a sweet, fruity, berry quality to fragrances, creating a nice brightness.

Amethyst by Lalique is bright, sweet, and refreshing. Blackcurrant bridges the tartness of Blackberry and sweetness of Strawberry, brightening a floral heart. Hints of Musk and Woody Notes add a gentle warmth that keeps this sparkling scent lasting.

Sunshine Woman by Amouage is a scent with sweet and warm nuances. Blackcurrant Liquor adding a faint syrupy quality to the sweetness of Vanilla and Almond. Hints of Jasmine peek out through the warmth of Blonde Tobacco and Papyrus in the base.

Ani X from Nishane is a warm scent with bright essences that keep it playful. Bergamot adds a brightness to the sweeter nuances of Green Apple. Vanilla boosts the fruit notes while Amber adds a warmth.

 ~Nishane’s original Ani has a warmer vibe. Without the added fruit notes, the sweetness is more mellow, coming from Blackcurrant, Vanilla, and Benzoin. A deeper warmth comes from Amber blending with Musk and Sandalwood.

Silhouette from Christian Siriano is light and sweet. A more delicate essence comes  from Freesia softening the sweetness of the Cassis. Sheer Jasmine adds a velvety, floral nuance to the scent, while Leafy Greens, Mandarin, and Moss add an ever-so-gentle earthy quality to the base.

Elysium Parfum Cologne by Roja Parfums is soft, sweet, ‘Blue’ in style, and ever-so-slightly aquatic. Bright Citruses and gentle herbs are sweetened with a blend of Blackcurrant, Apple, Rose, and Lily. A warm, yet light, base blends Vetiver, Juniper, Vanilla, Amber, and Musk, blurring the line between casual and sophisticated. 

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