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Cherries and Cherry Blossoms

Cherries and Cherry Blossoms

Cherries and Cherry Blossoms

Cherries originated in Asia, being enjoyed by Romans, Greeks, and the Chinese. 

It is thought that Cherries were inadvertently brought to Europe by birds.

Cherries were first brought to the United States in the 1600’s, but were not cultivated and produced like they are today until the 1800’s.

Cherries range from sweet to tart in taste, and have just as much variety of aromas in fragrances. 

Cherries are often paired with other fruits, Almond, Ambers, and Rose, and are often found in the Gourmand category. They can smell realistic, like the actual fruit, and can be soft and subtle, warm and sweet, and even be Almond-like.

Cherry Blossoms, though, are a completely different essence. Where Cherry Trees were cultivated for their fruit, Cherry Blossom Trees were cultivated for their flowers. Cherry Blossom Trees can produce small cherries, but they are typically bitter and tart, and not generally eaten.

Cherry Blossom scents often do include fruit notes, including Cherries, but on their own tend to be more floral and delicate smelling. Cherry Blossoms on their own are said to be slightly bitter and green, with hints of Amaretto, Honey, and Green Sap.

Fleur Japonais from Shalini Perfumes is more earthy with floral nuances. Cherry Blossoms are paired with Magnolia Flowers and the woody warmth of Leathery Labdanum and Sandalwood.

Blossom Love from Amoauge plays with the Almondy aspect as well as the floral. Cherry Blossom Nectar is blended with a Rose Liquor and an Amaretto Accord. Vanilla and Tonka Bean boost the sweetness, while Sandalwood and Cashmeran add a woody warmth.

French Defense from Mind Games is warm and sweet with a blend of Black Cherry, Rose, and Amber.

Ruy Lopez from Mind Games is warm and dark with hints of sweetness. Cherry and Dark Plum blend with Rose, add waves of sweetness above a dark blend of Leather and Patchouli infused with hints of Black Tea and Black Pepper.

Rouge Smoking from BDK Parfums is sweet and bright. A Cherry Accord is blended with Pink Pepper, Black Vanilla, and Tonka Bean. A touch of Bergamot keeps things bright as Ambroxan and Cashmeran add a creamy warmth. 

Almond from Caswell-Massey is sweet and light with Almond Flower with Cherry and Tonka Bean. A hint of Salt and a touch of Sandalwood add a gentle warmth that creates a scent that is reminiscent of Almond Extract, or a sweet suntan lotion, or a youthful, creamy, Vanilla-like scent.

You can find all of these Cherry and Cherry Blossom scents at Parfumerie Nasreen in Seattle now!

We’d love to hear what some of your favorite Cherry infused fragrances are:)

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