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Alcohol In Perfume

Alcohol In Perfume

Alcohol In Perfume

People can sometimes worry about the alcohol in perfume. The worry is often whether the alcohol is harmful to the skin. Today I will explain, as simply as I understand it, how it all works. I do not claim to know everything on this topic, as it can be a little confusing.

All alcohol based perfumes are made with Ethanol, commonly produced through the fermentation of grains, and is most well known to be used in alcoholic beverages. 

The Ethanol used in fragrances is usually denatured, meaning it is mixed with additives that make it non consumable, and is known as Perfumer’s Alcohol.

This alcohol is used in fragrances because it is neutral, odorless, and does not alter the scent profile of the oils. 

It dilutes the perfumed oils, making them less harsh, safe for the skin, and helps them blend better with softer ingredients. 

This alcohol is the carrier of your fragrance, meaning it holds the perfumed oils. The warmth from your skin helps the alcohol to evaporate, creating the projection, or sillage, of your fragrance. It also helps to preserve the fragrant molecules in the oils, which helps the lighter top notes to be experienced more fully. 

Because the alcohol evaporates relatively quickly, it will not stay on your skin for long.

Oil based fragrances do not project in the same way as alcohol based fragrances. With Oil based fragrances, the carrier oil can be Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, ect, and will be absorbed into the skin and the scented oils will lift more slowly over time with your body heat. These scents tend to stay closer to the skin and maintain a more intimate feeling.

With alcohol based scents, you get better projection, but not as much longevity.

With oil based scents, you get better longevity, but not as much projection.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and what you’re looking for in your fragrances.  

While the majority of fragrances found at Parfumerie Nasreen are alcohol based, we do carry a small selection of oil based fragrances, including our own Parfumerie Nasreen Attar collection. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions or knowledge you may have on this topic. We are always willing to learn more, help you with any information we have gained, and love the discussions that ensue!

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