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Caramel in Fragrance

Caramel in Fragrance

Caramel in Fragrance

Caramel is a sweet confection made up of sugar, butter, cream, and salt. 

It can be found as a flavoring, a filling, or a topping for many sweet treats, and can be enjoyed on its own as a hard or chew candy.

Depending on where you are in the world, you might call it care-a-muhl, care-muhl, or care-a-melle. 

Caramel has been around for centuries. It is unknown when and where it was created, and how it made its way around the world, but it is said that it was created by the Arabs around 1000 A.D. as a sweet treat called ‘Kurat Al Milh”, or “Sweet Ball of Salt”.

The aroma of Caramel is rich and buttery. It carries this essence when added to fragrance. 

Being a sweet treat, it will come as no surprise that Caramel is mostly found in Gourmand fragrances, but it can be found in non-Gourmand scents as well.

In fragrance, it can become lactonic, or milky, it can add an almost burnt sugar aroma, or it can create an essence that is candy-like. In general, Caramel enriches fragrance, giving them a twist of sweetness, butteriness, or smoothness.

Thierry Mugler’s Angel is said to be the first fragrance to use Caramel, beginning the trend of finding it in fragrances.

Today Caramel can be found in a variety of fragrances.

Tero from Nishane is rich and buttery. A Salty Caramel note blends with layers of Pepper, Cinnamon, and Amber for a scent that is earthy and smooth with hints of sweetness.

La Capitale from Xerjoff is soft and sweet. Caramel blends with the sweet notes of Strawberry and Peach, and lingers beautifully when combined with Vanilla Bourbon, Benzoin, Amber, and Labdanum. A gentle warmth lingers under the lightness.

Lira from Casamorati is a Vanilla lover’s dream. Caramel, Vanilla, and Musk create an almost seductive sweetness that brightens with the blend of Bergamot, Blood Orange, Cinnamon, and Licorice Blossom. This Gourmand blend is reminiscent of a dessert that will tempt all of your senses.

Wirtanen from Tiziana Terenzi is all over the place. While it has two different Oud notes, you might never know it. These Oud’s add a gentle woody essence to this scent that only helps to make it last. They are tempered with a floral blend of Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine, and Peony and brightened with touches of Bergamot and Black Pepper. Vanilla and Caramel add a gentle sweetness that smooths everything perfectly. Sandalwood and Amber complete this scent with warm nuances that have their own hints of sweetness. This scent ends up being a mix of sweet, fresh, warm, and intriguing.

Caramel can create a variety of aromas in fragrances, as you have seen from some of our favorites.

You can find all of these scents, and a few more, at Parfumerie Nasreen in Seattle!

We’d love to hear what some of your favorite Caramel infused fragrances are:)

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