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Fragrance Spotlight: Memo Paris African Leather

Fragrance Spotlight: Memo Paris African Leather

Fragrance Spotlight: Memo Paris African Leather

What do you think of when you imagine Africa? Your first thoughts might be of the dry, desert lands. The sparse trees. The intense heat. 

Memo Paris has built their brand on the memories developed with travel. African Leather pays homage to Africa and the beauty of its landscape….A desert paradise.

African Leather was created in 2015 in partnership with perfumer Alienor Massenet, who made a number of fragrances for Memo Paris. It lives within the Cuir Nomades collection, which is dedicated to Leather and all of its aromatic facets. ‘Nomades’ is a nod to the adventurers and travelers throughout history who went on endless journeys with their Leather satchels.

It is a unisex scent that is dry, spicy, Leathery, and aromatic. Bergamot adds a brightness to a spicy blend of Cardamom, Cumin, and Saffron. Leather, Oud, and Patchouli add a layer of earthy depth. Vetiver and Geranium add a lightness to the earthy qualities, while a final touch of Musk brings a sense of wispy mystery.

Overall, this scent dances between light and dark, fresh and earthy, always maintaining the Spice and Leather nuances throughout the composition. 

Though you think you have smelled the best of the spice scents, this one stands above the rest.

Cardamom Essence, Geranium Absolute, Leather Accord, Bergamot Essence, Saffron Oil, Cumin Oil, Patchouli Oil, Oud Accord, Vetiver Essence, Musk

If you like spices, or Leather, or both, or just love scents that are different from the ‘norm’ and will make you curious…then African Leather is definitely worth trying.

You can find it at Parfumerie Nasreen in Seattle, along with a few other selections from the Memo Paris collection.

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