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What are Ozonic scents?

What are Ozonic scents?

What are Ozonic scents?

Ozonic literally means “of or pertaining to the Ozone”.

In fragrance, it is a term that can mean an array of aromas from light, airy, fresh, clean, crisp, marine, breezy, ect. 

In fragrance, it gives the feeling of fresh, open air, summer breezes, ocean breezes or sea mist, fresh mountain air. It has also been described as “electrically charged atmosphere just before the first raindrops” or the aroma of the earth after rain……though not quite a Petrichor aroma. 

Ozonic scents are often also aquatic, or blue, scents. Scents with oceanic/marine notes that are reminiscent of the sea or ocean, or other body of water. It can also describe a scent with a more woody, or earthy, nature to it as with scents that smell like fresh mountain air, or the aroma of a snowy mountain. 

Notes you can often find in Ozonic scents are “Ozonic Notes”, “Aquatic Notes”, Seaweed, Salt, Sand, Tea, Driftwood, Ginger, Citrus and some Fruits, Water Lily and/or Cyclamen, Muskm Mint, and Ambergris. 

Calone is a popular synthetic note that was discovered by accident by scientists in the 1960’s. It was patented in the 1970’s and began being used in fragrances in the 1980’s, creating an era of Marine scents that took hold of the world in the 1990’s, the first of which was Davidoff’s Cool Water. 

Guiding Water from The Harmonist contains ‘Ozonic Notes’ and ‘Aquatic Notes’ that have an added boost from Watermelon, and a subtle warming element from Musk. 

Sacred Water from The Harmonist is aquatic and zesty. Laminaria Seaweed is paired with Grey Amber and an energizing touch of Ginger, fresh Citruses, and soft flowers. 

Silver Mountain Water from Creed was inspired by Olivier Creed’s love of his skiing trips in the Swiss Alps. The blend of Citruses, Green Tea and Musk do an amazing job of capturing the essence of refreshingly clean and bracing mountain air.

Erolfa by Creed was inspired by the Creed family memories of sailing around the Mediterranean. The blend of Citruses, Spices, and Woods encompasses the aroma of the Sea Breeze blending with the ever-present aroma of citruses and earth in the air. 

Metal Rain from Banana Republic blends an accord of ‘Ozone’ with Tea, herbs, citruses, and earthy flowers to create the essence of rain about to come. That time when the earth is dry and the clouds are full of moisture, and you can feel it building up in the atmosphere.

The Bianco from Giardino Benessere is like a fresh Summer breeze. A blend of Tea Leaves, White Lily, Tangerine, Iris Wood and Musk create a scent that is reminiscent of a magnificently beautiful day. The sun warms the skin, a faint hint of grass is in the air, freshly laundered clothes are drying in the warm breeze, and it all combines to create a perfectly happy and peaceful moment. 

Ozonic scents can be all this, and so much more! 

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