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How to figure out what type of fragrances you like...

How to figure out what type of fragrances you like...

How to figure out what type of fragrances you like...

Finding a new scent can be hard, especially if you are new to fragrances. At the end of the day, it ultimately is just a big experimentation process. 

A good starting place is to think back on the fragrances that you have worn up to this point, and take a look at what the common notes are, or what type of scent each is classified as. 

Keep in mind, just because a scent has notes you like, doesn’t mean you’ll like the scent. The best way to know is to try it on your skin.

A great website that we love at Parfumerie Nasreen, is It has a huge library of fragrances, each with the breakdown of the notes, the classifications, a section that lists which fragrances are similar, and reviews from people all over the world, which can get very detailed.

If you’re not sure what you like, you can also think about what smells you like and don’t like in general. This doesn’t have to just be fragrance, but smells you loved growing up, flowers or herbs, seasonal aromas, foods, etc. 

If you’ve never really worn fragrance, or you’re kind of starting fresh, a good path to start on is the fresh and clean variety of fragrances. 

It’s not a bad idea to just go somewhere and start smelling things. Keeping notes, or even a whole fragrance journal is a great idea as well.

Some places can give you fragrance consultations, and someone can help guide you through the process. A lot of fragrance websites have quizzes that can help narrow things down too.

When you do find something you like, try it on the skin. A lot of fragrances will change with your body chemistry, so you want to give them time to develop and see how you feel. 

We recommend spraying on your wrist, that way the fragrance won’t wash away when you wash your hands during the day. Also, being a pulse point, it will give you the same effect as if it was on your neck. And, finally, it will be in a spot that you will be able to actually sniff yourself throughout the day.

You can keep track of the way the fragrance changes, and if you like the changes, how long it lasts, and how soft or ‘loud’ it is. You’ll be able to gauge if it is your style, and if it will work for where you’ll be wanting to wear it, and/or if it's something you can wear for more than one occasion or setting.

These are things to keep in mind no matter how many fragrances you try.

At Parfumerie Nasreen, we are always happy to help with fragrance consultations any time, no appointment needed. We’re happy to help guide you through your journey of finding a new scent, and provide any knowledge or tips that will help you, and to answer any questions you have.

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