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Summer Scents

Summer Scents

Summer Scents

With the Summer months comes warmer weather and we begin to wear less layers and crave something light and refreshing with our food, drinks and even our fragrances. While there is no need to change up your scent, many people change their fragrances with the seasons, and the season of swapping cozy layers for airy lightness is upon us!

With the Summer season, people tend to go to the beach more and we live within the salty breezes, the farmers markets are opening up and we suddenly become surrounded with fresh flower bouquets, you see more fruit and citrus blended drinks with beautiful fresh fruit accents. The fragrances that tend to go along with Summer encompass all these aspects and brighten our moods.

Fruit and Citrus notes uplift our moods and provide our senses with a sparkling essence that uplifts our spirits. Amethyst by Lalique brightens everything up with refreshing Blackberry, Strawberry and Raspberry blended with Peony and Rose. Erba Pura, from the Xerjoff collection, contains a mixture of fruits with Bergamot, Lemon and Orange and almost makes you want to do a little dance.

Perris Monte Carlo’s Italy Collection pays homage to the sun and beautiful Italian landscapes using their infamous Italian citruses. Bergamotto di Calabria, Cedro di Diamante, Arancia di Sicilia and Mandarino di Sicilia all contain a melange of lush citrus notes paired with soft florals that will fulfill anyone’s citrus desires.

Aquatic fragrances take us right to the beach and often include accords of salty tones, recreations of the breeze as well as sand mixed with green or citrus tones and soft woods.

Oceania from Giardino Benessere contains Oxygen and Sea Breeze accords mixed with citrus and wood notes to encompass a beach day vibe.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Aqua collection encompasses the lightness of Summer in each fragrance. Aqua Celestia and Aqua Celestia Forte represent the ease of the sea and the sky with variations of Mint, Lime and Mimosa. Aqua Universalis and Aqua Universalis Forte are fresh and breezy with Bergamot, Lemon, Musky Woods and a floral bouquet. Aqua Vitae and Aqua Vitae Forte are inspired by life and those fulfilling moments of peace we experience while relaxing at the beach. Guaiac Wood, one of the warmer woods, lives within refreshing Lemon and Mandarin and a touch of sweet Vanilla.

Erolfa is a Creed scent inspired by family memories of sailing around the Mediterranean, and its blend of spices, citruses and flowers recreates salty air and citrus scented breezes.

Beach Hut Man and Woman, from Amouage, play more on the woody essences of the beach style scent. Variations of Mineral Accords, Driftwood, Moss and Ivy bring to life the essence of the cooler weather setting in as you watch the sunset along the horizon. 

Perfumers understand people’s love of Summer and something for every taste seems to have been created. Whether you’re looking for something fresh, fruity, citrusy, sweet, or something that reminds you of your favorite summertime scent, you can find it at Parfumerie Nasreen and live out your summertime fantasies!


-Valleri Ortiz

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