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What is Osmanthus?

What is Osmanthus?

What is Osmanthus?

Osmanthus is a flowering plant from the Olive family that is native to Eastern Asia, and has been cultivated in China for thousands of years for everything from wine to Tea, cakes, medicine, and clothing patterns.

The small flowers can range in color from white, to yellow, to golden orange, and are incredibly fragrant. Its aroma has a floral fuzziness to it, with a fresh, Springtime quality, and can have an essence of Peach, Apricot, and Leather. The name Osmanthus comes from the Greek language, Osma(fragrant) and Anthos(flower), literally meaning Fragrant Flower. 

Osmanthus flowers are a symbol of love and romance, blooming for only a few days in the Spring, and are celebrated during wedding ceremonies and the Chinese Moon Festival in August. Osmanthus trees were said to stand outside the Moon Palace gates in Chinese folklore.

Osmanthus Fragrans, also called Sweet Osmanthus, are the species usually used in fragrances. The flowers, and their fruity nature, are often paired with Lactonic florals like Gardenia, Tuberose, Jasmine, and Frangipani. They can also be added to spicier scents to boost the spices or Leather or Tea notes.

Osmanthus from Ormonde Jayne is bright and fresh. Osmanthus Absolute blends with Water Lily and Pomelo to create a sparkling quality while a hint of Jasmine adds to the gentle floral tone. A hint of Musk gives the scent a touch of depth to the softness.

Absolue d’Osmanthe from Perris Monte Carlo plays with the darker side of Osmanthus. Osmanthus Absolute blends with Plum, Jasmine, and Labdanum to boost the Leathery nuances of the fruity, floral, spicy scent. 

Lionora from Mind Games is fresh and fruity. Osmanthus and Freesia add a fresh lightness to the fruity burst of Passion Fruit, Apricot Skin, and Ginger in the opening. Sandalwood and Musk add depth to this thriving scent. 

Inle from Memo Paris is more plays with the Tea nuances of Osmanthus. Mate Tea, Jasmine Absolute, and Osmanthus Absolute blend with citrus notes, a sweet hint of Fig, and touches of Cardamom, Musk, and Cedar to create a scent that is floral, earthy, and peaceful.

Sunshine Woman from Amouage is warm and sweet. Osmanthus Absolute plays into the sweetness of Almond, Blackcurrant Liquor, Jasmine, and Vanilla. Tobacco and Papyrus add gentle touches of warmth that tempt the senses.

Ambre Royal from Ormonde Jayne is a creamy Amber scent. Osmanthus adds to the brightness of the Citrus notes in the opening, and helps to boost the floral heart that is bursting with Jasmine, Rose, Orchid, and the creamy essence of Orris Butter.

Osmanthus can play many roles in fragrances, adding more brightness to the floral components, adding more depth to the Leathery and spicy elements, or adding to the brightness of the Citrus tones. 

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We’d love to hear what your favorite Osmanthus based fragrances are.

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