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When Liquor Meets Perfume

When Liquor Meets Perfume

When Liquor Meets Perfume

In our experience, there are a lot of words that can describe both fragrances and spirits.

Bold. Woody. Sweet. Fruity. Boozy. Smoky. Smooth. 

More and more often you see spirits added into fragrances, giving them the subtle nuances of the drink itself.

Cognac, Whiskey, Bourbon, Rum, Absinthe, Gin(Juniper or Juniper Berries) and sometimes Champagne accords can all be found in fragrances.

That same warm, almost fuzzy, feeling you get in your stomach or chest from these drinks, can sometimes be felt with fragrances infused with spirits, creating a sense of relaxation and coziness.

There are a couple of notes worth mentioning that sound ‘boozy’, but are not. While Tabac Bourbon is actually Tobacco and Bourbon blended together, there are 2 other notes that could be confused with this concept. Vanille Bourbon, or Vanilla Bourbon, is actually a species of Orchid that produces the strain of Vanilla used to make Vanilla Extract, and Vetiver Bourbon, or Bourbon Vetiver, is Vetiver (a grass root) sourced from the Island of Reunion, previously known as the Island of Bourbon, which is a French Island off the coast of Madagascar.

Gentle Fluidity Silver from Maison Francis Kurkdjain uses a fresh twist of Juniper Berries, which are used to make Gin. Coriander adds a faint hint of spice, Vanilla plays with the subtle sweetness of the Berries, and Musk adds a light, wispy quality that helps with longevity.

Memoir Man and Woman from Amouage both use Absinthe in their blends. For Men, an additional note of Wormwood, which is used to make Absinthe, is blended with Basil, Tobacco, and Leather to boost the naturally woody, earthy, and herbally tones, while Mint adds a touch of lightness.

For Women, Fenugreek and Precious Dark Woods are used to boost the naturally woody and earthy essences, and flowers in the heart add a lightness and subtle femininity.

Fan Your Flames from Nishane blends Rum with the sweetness of Coconut and Tonka Bean, Tobacco for a hint of spice, and Cedar for a crisp wood tone. It stirs up feelings of the ultimate cozy evening!

Amber Aquilaria from Electimuss London evokes the depths that Cognac can go to. Aquilaria Oud is blended with a deep, rich Amber, and the rich warmth of Cognac.

Creation-E Parfum Cologne from Roja Parfums uses Cognac in a sweeter way, blending Citrus notes with Spices, Tobacco, and Vanilla for a smoother nuance.

Pheromone from Marilyn Miglin is a subtle scent that blends Bourbon with Oakmoss and Vanilla for a smooth, softer, slightly earthier feminine scent.

Blossom Love from Amouage uses an Amaretto Accord and blends it with Rose Liqueur, Cherry Nectar, Vanilla and Sandalwood for the ultimate sweet treat.

An honorable mention also goes to Aqua Celestia from Maison Francis Kurkdjian(one of my personal favorites for summer). A blend of Mimosa Flowers, Musk, Black Currant, Lime, and Mitcham Mint mimics the refreshing quality of a Vodka Soda with Lime!

These are just a few of the many ‘spirited’ fragrances you can find at Parfumerie Nasreen!

If you’re curious about the plethora of other scents available, come see us!!

“Both wine and scent come from the earth and are perfected with the labor of love.” -Krishore Iengar

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